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Cloud based POS vs Legacy System

                           Cloud based POS vs Legacy System 

If you are a retail business man and if you’re looking for a POS system for your business, you must have definitely come across this question. Cloud based POS or Legacy POS.
Before we dive into which one is better, let’s briefly see what they are in the first place.
Legacy POS:  These are also called traditional or on site POS systems. These are run on local data and servers with a closed internal network. 
Cloud based POS:  These are also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS) systems in which the data and the software is stored remotely which you can access online.
Of these two systems, the cloud based system is most preferred. Why? Read on.

1.      All –in One Systems
Most of the businesses nowadays are looking for integrated all in one system which that manage everything from inbound ordering to inventory management and financial reporting. A full featured SaaS system has the ability to expand and accommodate all these functionalities and also comes equipped with Customer Relation Modules which contains the historical data of the customer which helps understand the buying trend and helps serve them better.

2.      Access from Anywhere
Since cloud based POS systems are accessible from the internet, it basically means that the user is able to access the data from anywhere in the world, unlike legacy systems in which the user has to be present on-site to access and modify the data. This makes employee check in times, status, management and all other activities can be performed remotely with ease.

3.      Updates
One of the main advantages of having a cloud based system is the ease of updating it. When it comes to updating and maintenance, legacy systems are offline and need additional labor and time to actually be present at the location to run tests and maintenance activities which might even result in the system being offline for some time. This does not happen in cloud based systems as the updates and bug fixes can be rolled out centrally with little or no impact on the user.

4.      Affordability
Cloud based POS systems tend to be much more economical compared to legacy systems. This is because in legacy systems, there is hardware setup and maintenance which are complex and costly, updating costs and a lot more which are all performed in cloud based systems remotely. Back offices for data storage can also run huge bills compared to cloud systems where they are stored on the cloud and you can enjoy a pay-as-you-go subscription system.

5.      Innovative Hardware
Mobile technology is developing at a rapid rate and unlike legacy systems, cloud based POS systems are able to support mobile technology easily. Users can use a mobile app and internet connectivity to connect to the system from anywhere and gain access to all the features that the desktop provides from anywhere. This improves the turnaround time by almost 15% making the business more efficient and smooth.

Although the cloud based systems have a significant advantage compared to legacy systems, it is not a given that it will work seamlessly for all businesses as the way they function will be unique and the requirements will be different for each business. But cloud based technology provides a certain freedom that the legacy system doesn’t and it has quite a promising future.

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