Thursday, 20 September 2018

GST / VAT Billing software by Retail Mass

Start creating attractive invoices. Impress your clients. No stress, Simple, efficient and free GST Billing Software, Specially designed for the India & UAE market.

Retail Mass is an amazingly simple to use GST Billing software for Indian & UAE Businesses. It lets you create beautiful invoices in GST format and manage finances without any accounting knowledge.
Retail Mass is a GST-ready inventory & accounting software that helps you keep a control on your store with smart billing, reporting and inventory management features. Helps you never over store or go out of stock. Bar code, Touch Screen, Smart purchase,

Retail Mass is an easy to use and comprehensive GST / VAT Invoicing & Billing App for Retail and Restaurant. It runs both on mobile and computer. This GST / VAT compliant point of sale (POS) makes it easier for you to keep track of your business and pay more importance to your business growth.

Retail Mass GST Billing Software lets you conveniently generate invoices, run customer loyalty program, manage and monitor sales, procurement activities, optimize inventory, manage accounts, taxes and reports at the store level or consolidated analysis at the cloud back office anytime. Look modern and surprise your customer by sending invoice using SMS.

Multi store retail management become much easier and real time with cloud based back office management. Just Billing works with or without Internet. And all this comes at an affordable price, without the added baggage of maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure!

Retail Mass Features:
·         Get real time analytics of your retail chain store performance Measure and grow your retail business with outlet wise graphical Sales vs Purchase data, business growth performance period wise.
·         Cost effective, secured, centralized data, easy, convenient, works offline, anywhere anytime store access from any device & most importantly integrations made easy.
·         Integrate online & physical store one tool for common inventory, accounting & more you do not need extra hands to manage your extra channels of sales. We'll integrate your online business to our POS Software. View sales orders received in e-commerce site directly from the POS and process deliveries. Sync the inventory and pricing details of items from physical store to online store. Take control of your online business and manage it professionally.
 Get more happy and repeated customers an express billing counter to manage your peak hours billing

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Easy to Use GST Featured Billing Software for Your Business by Retail Mass

Retail Mass is the fastest growing GST compliant billing software in Bangalore, India and comes with a very friendly user interface. Now manage your business with lightning speed using multi core data engine from clients to sale, purchase to inventory, and staff to expense. Retail Mass supports automated backup, SMS, bar-code, inventory tracking, GST, multi size printing, android app and many more.

Retail Mass a leading billing / invoice software for any business in Bangalore, India. Whether you're sending bills for your professional services, running a retail store, invoicing customers for repair work, or running an Internet business, Retail Mass can simplify your billing and save you time and money. You don't have to be - or hire - an accountant to use Retail Mass. You can install our POS billing software and increase your productivity immediately!

  •          Retail Mass comes with lots of features to assist you in running day to day business. You can do following things easily.
  •          Generate invoice, print multi size, check client balance, set client credit limit, save purchase bill, track inventory.
  •          Use bar-code scanner, generate staff salary, and mark attendance.

  •          Retail Mass comes with lots of first in the industry advanced features. These features make Retail Mass one of the most advanced billing software in India.
  •          Multi Core Date Engine, Hyper Threaded User Interface, Smart Backups, Bio-metric Device Support, Integrated SMS Email Server.
  •          Usage Adaptive Processing, Dynamic RAM Management.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Software for managing Grocery Store billing and Stock handling by Retail Mass

Retail Mass Supermarket / Grocery Store retail POS  billing software for Provision, Frozen Foods, Convenience store, Meat & Fish stores that lets you handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory, re-order, expiry, return & wastage management modules. CRM tools ensure promotions & loyalty management. Well-integrated financial accounting with VAT e-filling.

Benefits of Grocery Store Software:

Grocery Store software is a one stop solution for billing, stock handling and accounting needs. Cost effective Inventory Plus software help to manage fast billing using bar-code scanner supported POS system, GST supported billing software for retail store.

Speedup your checkout Time: Increase employee efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction with our fast billing POS system.

Portable Offline database: You will be having data in your finger tip. Copy database in cloud drive. Remote business tracking is simple now with Grocery Software, Garment shop billing software.

Loyalty program & Discount coupon: Loyalties program help to get more recurring customers, yield more business. Multiple discount and coupon usage is simple.

Efficiency Manage Inventory: Managing the Inventory is Simple and effectively gets total control of your inventory and reduce losses due to waste.

Bar-code Label Printing Included: Bar-code label printing feature available in Inventory Software, no need to buy the third party software for label printing needs.

Built in accounting software: Inventory Software for managing stocks, accounts, It is end to end solution for small to medium retail business.

Easy-to-learn and Implement: Extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use retail solution where point of sale and inventory management is fully integrated. Training the staff is simple.

Ready to use Invoice template: Customization is required in bill format? It is simple to edit the template and build your own beautiful invoice.

Smart notification: Are you worried about customers growing pending balance? smart notification will send the SMS directly to customer mobile.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Retail Mass Billing Software GST Billing & Filing with ease

Think beyond regular billing software to run your business efficiently. Retail Mass GST-ready billing software provides an easy and secure way to generate customizable invoices, reconcile bank transactions, generate 100’s of reports, and file GST returns effortlessly.
Features at a glance:

Easy & Fast Billing: Generate batch wise invoices with detailed information according to your Business

GST Integrated and Compliant: Push transactions into the GST portal and directly file returns from Retail Mass POS billing software

Efficient Reporting: Stay on top of your finances with powerful 1000’s of sales, purchase, inventory & accounting reports

Bar-code Management: Helps encode & centralize all products information in a bar-code so that it becomes simple for store owners to quickly & accurately track products.

Cashier and Home Delivery: Cashier management and home delivery feature gives you 100% control on your business

Customization Invoices: Use customization templates to build beautiful invoices the way you want.

Shortcuts: Our retail billing software also allows you to create your own shortcuts for easy access of reports and data entry.

GST Tax Calculation: Select right GST slab for your products or services and Sleek Bill will do all the detailed calculations of SGST, CGST or IGST.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Best GST Featured POS Billing Software by RetailMass

RetailMass is one of the Leading Billing software Supplier, distributor, Seller and Trader of Billing Software in Bangalore India. We supply, distribute, sell and trade this Billing Software in Bangalore, all other places in Bangalore, Karnataka.

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The POS (Point Of Sale) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. This software system has revolutionized retail,hospitality and restaurant industry. POS Billing Software enables you to use add on devices at your checkout stations, including electronic cash drawers, bar-code scanners, credit card readers, and receipt or invoice printers. The POS software can typically handle a myriad of customer based functions such as sales, returns, exchanges, layaway's, gift cards, gift registries, customer loyalty programs, promotions, discounts and much more.

The entire range of RetailMass products offers simple and user-friendly high-end IT solutions at budget price for customers.  The aim of this custom-made Retail POS software in India is to help its users to reduce project cost with a practical and amicable approach in software & IT implementation. The RetailMassPOS softwareconsists of all IT-based barcode and non-barcode solutions for the retail, F&B, hotel, manufacturing & mining domains with multiple software solutions as well as hardware solutions. We are one of the best Retail Billing Software providers in India.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Point of Sale (POS) System Features for Your Business by RetailMass

POS request software system is currently on the market allow you to track usage, monitors changes in prices, calculates once you got to reorder, associate degreed analyse inventory levels on an individual basis. You’ll be able to even management inventory right at the money box with RetailMass POS Billing Software. POS software system records every sale once it happens, therefore your inventory records area unit perpetually up-to-date. Higher still, you get way more data concerning the sale than you may gather with a manual system. By running reports supported this data, you'll be able to create higher choices concerning ordering and selling.

Manage your food market additional expeditiously. RetailMass Mobile shop billing software system may be a complete system designed to modify your routine track, optimize internal control, speed up the checkout method and improve your business strategy with custom reports.

Each business desires accounting and request software system. Restaurant, medical and lots of alternative businesses needs POS system. In fact, it's additionally potential to possess cloud based mostly request software system therefore multiple staff of a corporation will work on that from a distinction places. In such case, knowledge redundancy, information conflicts tend to occur however the cloud based mostly answer will overcome from this drawback. Following area unit a number of the request software system provided by RetailMass

Smart Retail Billing Software:
  •          Event management billing and invoicing software.
  •          Medical shop billing software.
  •          Grocery store billing software.
  •          Wholesaler billing software.
  •          Mobile shop billing software.
  •          Retail billing software with GST.
  •          GST billing software (one-stop solution).
  •          Hospital billing and employee management software.
  •          Finance billing software.
  •          Restaurant, warehouse and food supplier billing system with POS.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Need Retail POS Billing software?

RetailMass POS Software is an easy-to-use Retail Point of Sale Software, perfect for small and medium-sized retail stores. Run a robust till, Track Sales, Manage Inventory, produce client and provider Profile, provide Estimates and far a lot of. Our store proven Retail POS Software makes superior sales & inventory management a breeze. Experience counts and we have been providing leading edge POS systems for over 10+ years.

Retail Software used to be stand-alone and front-end systems running on independent databases. However, increased demands for information across the whole business, forced owners to switch to high-integrated technologies to boost communication process for higher efficiency.

Our RetailMass Retail POS software code provides wide-ranging market research talents further as period usage of Inventory knowledge throughout your distributor which will facilitate to get sales and profits once fulfilling the consumer. CRM performance inside our retail pos software package catches important customer’s data and facts like shopping for choice and buying history, which sometimes permits long run cross-sell further as up-sell prospects with relation to multi-channel merchandising.

The definition of grocery store billing software can be whole world in a tiny place. These days grocery store billing software doesn’t only mean containing stock of only grocery materials. From Rice, pulses to toiletries and shampoo, milk packets to cleanup materials everything that a family wants are often product of food market. Daily needs aren't solely restricted to staple diet, your customers may explore for sauce sauces, Greek yoghourt or foreign cheese. Trendy households are terribly specific regarding complete, if they appear for multi-grain bread of a specific company, you can’t convert them to require the opposite obtainable complete. Refusing your customer’s would like won't bring them back to your store once more.