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Various Industries that Retail Mass Supports

Various Industries that Retail Mass Supports

Retail Mass is an end to end powerful yet easy to use POS solution that works just well online as well as offline, equipped with everything that the modern ambitious retailer needs. It is feature rich, flexible and provides a bird’s eye view of all your business aspects, helping you modernize your business and manage it efficiently wherever you are. Below are a few of the industries along with the features among the many that it supports. 
Supermarkets & Grocery Stores
Supermarkets require accurate tracking of its inventory as most of the items are perishable. It also needs to identify slow moving and fast moving goods to accurately decide what items the supermarket needs to stock up on in the future and thus improve efficiency.  Retail Mass comes equipped with efficient inventory management, re-order management, auto-replenishment, vendor management, expiry, return and waste management modules that let you keep track of SKUs and replenish stock before running out. It also lets you barcode your items in user defined formats and generate comprehensive reports in .xml, .txt and .csv formats. With Retail Mass, running multiple outlets is just as easy as using a single one. 

It is important for pharmacies to keep track of expiration of the products as well as the availability of the prescription drugs. Retail Mass helps pharmacies simplify their business processes by automated tracking of inventory and several other features including integrated drug index, stock details, order management, home delivery tracking and more. The quick billing feature helps customer check-out more easily and identification of non-moving products help eliminate them in future shipments and thus reduce inefficiency. 

Fashion &Lifestyle
Retail Mass helps you enjoy 100% transparency in your apparel business by helping you efficiently keep track of the inventory via unique barcoding, style management and quick stock taking using PDA system. Financial accounting helps retailers keep track of their transactions and a robust CRM system helps oversee customer purchase history and thus provide better purchase suggestions and rectification of grievances. Advanced categorization functionalities also help in categorizing items based on season, brand etc. 

Electrical & Electronics
Retail Mass is helps cut down operational costs and magnify profits for mobile, computers & computer hardware, home appliances and other white goods stores. It is loaded with inventory management, warranty management, comprehensive MIS system, accounting and CRM modules, it helps you streamline your activities and drive efficiency into your business. It also helps track of warranty times and high value products through Serial/IMEI numbers. It is a full service solution for the modern technology retailer.

Restaurants & Bars
For the restaurants and bar business, Retail Mass comes equipped with touch screen graphical display, quick billing, perishable inventory tracking, recipe management, table layout and seating, mobile order taking, multiple payment options and more. Its Kitchen Order Tracking (KOT) feature enables you to easily track and bill orders according to individual tables. It also helps provide customized menus based on items available according to time of day, season etc. 

Besides the businesses mentioned above, Retail Mass can also be customized to meet the requirements of the specialized retail store with their own unique needs and business model. It is also highly scalable which means that it grows along with the business and with Retail Mass, running a multi store business is just as easy as running a single store one. 

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