Monday, 17 April 2017

                                                      Retail Mass

All-in-One Application
Online & Offline Support
Complete Business Control 

Multiple Businesses. One Solution.
Retail Mass is a one of a kind application that is designed to make the management of multiple retail outlets just as easy as managing a single one. Highly flexible, it adapts itself to the unique requirements of businesses of all shapes and sizes. It supports both online as well as offline accessibility and comes with an impressive set of features that drives efficiency into your business and makes running it, an easy and effortless task. Organize your inventory, improve productivity and retain customers, all through Retail Mass – your one stop retail solution that gives you everything you need to modernize, control and grow your business. 

The Retail Mass Advantage

Industry Knowledge &Design
Developed after extensiveexperience and knowledge within retail industry.
Implemented using cutting edge technology. 
Adapts to all industry requirements. 
Cloud based and offline support. 
Access from anywhere functionality. 

Ease Of Use
Intuitive UI with minimal learning curve. 
Easy to understand features. 
Customizable themes and fonts. 
Comprehensive financial accounting
Search tools to find parameters. 

User provided barcode settings. 
Configurable data masters. 
User selectable print formats. 
Complete data customization. 

Installation & Setup
Easy import of data. 
Simple and semi-automated installation and setup 

Comprehensive Reporting
Easy to understand reporting tool. 
Overall and in-depth data selectable. 
User selected report scheduling.
Automated emailing of reports

Developed using Java technology and MySQL. 
Handles high volume of data with ease. 
Integrates seamlessly with ERP application
SMS Alerts and notifications when needed. 

On-demand comprehensive support. 
Customer identification based on number. 

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