Friday, 31 March 2017

3 Hidden Costs of Using POS Systems you may not about

     3 Hidden Costs of Using POS Systems you may not about


Most people in the retail industry believe that getting a POS software which might include a one-time license payment is all there is to it. But here are three features which will incur additional charges if opted for, that mpst people don’t know about. 

1.    SMS Messages
If your business requires a functionality where you need to keep in touch with customer via SMS, there is a chance that that might result in extra or additional charges. This is especially true in restaurant and other industries where you might need SMS messages to remind customers about appointments or if a table has become available. If you haven’t acquired a POS system which has the SMS functionality inbuilt, then you might need to use a third party service to send messages, which will naturally bring in extra additional charges as per your plan. You can use a POS solution that comes with this feature inbuilt, which uses the internet to send messages, to overcome these additional charges. ‘

2.    Caller ID
Most businesses require a caller ID system that when a customer calls, it can identify the caller and also pull up profile and other usage data from their database during or after the call. This caller ID functionality works with the modem of the system if it is on a PC. Since different systems may have different modems, the developers will find it difficult to program the integration for all modem devices. So, more often than not, they just program for one modem brand or device leaving it upto you fetch the device and include it in your POS system, or they will leave a third party to include the functionality for you. This third party service provider usually provide services only based on the modems which they themselves provide, which means that if caller ID service is important for your business, it is better to opt for a system which supports all modems if possible or a really good but affordable third party system.

3.    Card Payment Processing
Card payment processing is one of the activities that have never been and never will be performed for free. This is because there are numerous financial institutions and technology involved getting the money from the customer transferred to your account. Data has to be secured and credit card fraud needs to be avoided, all of which takes effort for which the charge will be levied from your account. It is always better to opt for a POS solution that provides multiple gateway or options instead of a single one as it enhances reliability if one is down and also enables you to choose for yourself the best and the most appropriate one. 

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