Sunday, 12 March 2017

5 Reasons Why it is Important to Use an Inventory Management System

5 Reasons Why it is Important to Use an Inventory Management System

Inventory management systems simplify the way in which the inventory i.e the various items that are stored and transported to be sold in the outlets are managed and kept track of. It helps keep track of goods throughout the supply chain until it is sold eradicating headache and manual labor substantially in its path. The various means through which a good inventory management system will enhance your business value and your ROI are 

Inventory management softwares have the ability to store information on every item and for every point of their journey. Therefore it provides complete visibility over the complete inbound and outbound flow of products with the ability to provide further information regarding its status and location if needed. 

2. Quality Management
In the case of perishable items, extra care needs to be taken as they have a quick expiry period. But unforeseen events such as delayed shipping, broken packages and fill lags can occur which may throw schedules out of sync. Inventory management system help you identify these undesirable results and provide an effective workaround, and also help you understand and reduce the probability of such instances happening in the future. 

3. Functional Decisions
Inventory management software help you make key functional decisions based on analytics and data insights. It helps you keep your warehouses at optimal storage efficiency and also acquire more warehouses if need be, near key customers and successful retail outlets that may further expand performance as well. 

They can also help you increase your margin by identifying the most moving products and the least moving ones. This helps you get rid of or minimize the stock of non-moving items in your next shipment and thus enhance the efficiency by improving the usage of your shelf space. 

5. Enhanced Customer Service
Inventory management systems help you enhance your customer service by improving the overall performance of the business through processes such as reduced time for inventory replenishment, shipment processing and dedicated CRM modules. All of these without reducing quality and quantity.

6. Scale 
Current inventory management systems are designed to expand and keep pace right with your business, but the expansion is only in terms of software and not hardware. No matter how many retail outlets or new warehouses are added to the business, present day inventory management systems are designed to gather the relevant data, work in sync with other in-built modules and provide you with an easy management experience as if it was just one outlet or warehouse. 

Businesses used to shy away from using inventory management softwares as they were cumbersome and didn’t provide as many features as they do now. They were generally not worth the effort. But now, technology has advanced and the systems are much more powerful than before, being able to handle all aspects of the business chain even with legacy systems. They simplify your complicated processes and also help you gain long term benefits and better ROI on your business. 


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